Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Dogs On Thursday

Sorry this is late. We had terrible storms on Thurday and the power was off, then on. I didn't take any chances and shut the computer down for the night! :)

Sunday was a busy day. Part of it was used to clean out my car, aka Tuckers Ride. It was not overly dirty, but really needed a washing out and a good vac job. When Tucker rides in the car he takes up the whole back seat, and usually kicks aside the blanket provided for him. That means the back seat needs a good washing every once in awhile. In this picture he's showing you that he can truly take up less than the full back seat. He was really in denial that we weren't going to go for a ride.
It's a good thing that he's not afraid of the vac. He's always thought of it as a toy and every car cleaning session starts out with a vacuuming of his face and lips. Guaranteed to make you laugh. This time he spent most of his time sleeping through the worst of the cleaning.
He has a special strategy for when we're both outside working. He lays in a common path of travel and when you pass you are expected to bend down and rub his belly.
And if you finish before he thinks you should, you get this look. lol
Part of Sunday's list of chores was to load some bags of fleece into the trunk to go to their new homes. (These were given to me and I needed the room in the shed for the new freezer.) Tucker followed me all the way to the car with each bag, nose stuffed into the opening. Just as I was getting ready to close the trunk lid, he grabbed a mouth full of fleece out of one of the bags. lol That's Mommas boy! He's not just interested in fleece on the the bags just as good!
I was able to pick up a couple of blankets at the second hand store today to a try out in his dog house. This was suggested by Janet in the comments section and a big hearty "Thank You!" is sent your way. (Did you want to be in the Pay it Forward list?) I don't know why I didn't think of it sooner, as it is certainly something I've recommended to my customers in the past. DUH! is all I can say. lol. I'm washing said blankets as I type and we'll give them a try this weekend. The hubster is rewiring the heated pad that goes in the dog house so that we can reinstall it. (It fell victim to a tug o war episode when Tucker was a bit younger.) Now that the weather has gotten colder and wetter, Roo (Tucker) seems to appreciate his dog house more. He's certainly spending more time in there.


Cindy said...

Oh my gosh, what a snugglepup. I so wish I could give him a belly rub and a huge hug. What a beautiful and sweet boy. Oh, and with Grover, I usually just drive him around the block if he thinks he should go for a ride. Yup. He's spoiled. Oh, and Nichole asked me is Grover was mastiff or boxer. I was just answering her question. Of COURSE, he's Anatolian, too.

Donna said...

Thank You for my weekly fix of Tucker pics. He is such a big goofy sweetie. I love him. Oliver sends a woof his way and promised some pictures soon.