Thursday, November 15, 2007

Dogs on Thursday

Tucker objected to yesterdays last picture. He said it made him look too fat and old so I promised to post the rest of his pictures today. Here's Mr. GQ staring off into the distance. The glow of his little devil eyes is barely apparent here. lol

This one shows the full length of his muzzle and his jaw line. It's hard to get good pictures of him, so it's a real bonus when he seems to pose like this. hehe

And last but not least....
"Beer me!" heheheh This was Don's take on that picture.

Edited 11/19 to change last photo again. lol


Donna said...

Hey Tucker and April, So glad you guys are back. How is the knitting and or spinning going? Tucker looks so handsome. I have missed you guys. Hope all is well and you are keeping busy. Oliver sends a big woof to his pal!

Jennifer said...

Yes, much less "double chin" action in today's pics, lol. Love the beer. He does rather look like he's at a pub, doesn't he?

Paula said...

Those are great pictures of Tucker for Dogs on Thursday!
He sure looks like he is having a good time.
Be sure to check out
for updates and doggie spotlite's

Paula said...

Great blog you have here.
I love the knitting!

aksunflour said...

Yeah! I am so glad that I found your blog again.
Tucker makes me LOL! Enjoy seeing what he comes up with next.

It is nice when we make something for someone and they LOVE it.