Sunday, December 30, 2007


There's been a whole lot of napping going on this week. This is Salems new favorite mid-afternoon napping place. I think he falls asleep watching the birds out the window.
Anyone remember the disastrous 1st pair of felted slippers I knit for the hubster? You know, the pair that wouldn't felt at all? Because I knit them out of acrylic. Yeah. Well I spent a bit of an afternoon stuffing them with fiberfill and whole catnip (i.e. on the stem type, gourmet, cause nothing but the best will do for The Princess!). It was a tiny chore in that Abbie was trying to get to the catnip the whole time and knocked it off the table I was working at. Then Salem got involved.....I think you can see where this is heading. Anyway, I managed to get them completed. Now those ill fated slippers are soft fluffy catnip scented cat pillows/toys. They both love them, but Abbie LOVES them. She'll lay there with her head propped up on one with a goofy cat nip inspired grin on her face. heheheheheh That is, until she melts and rolls over.

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