Sunday, December 30, 2007

Today's Snow

"Whatcha doin?" We snapped this out the front window. Tucker was watching the neighbors try to maneuver their cars in their driveway. They were doing the "We gotta work and hope we can get out" shuffle with two Honda's. One did not so much. My own car hasn't moved an inch since we got home Christmas night. ;)

Heavy pic post. Sorry about that. I have another post in the works that actually involves crafting.

Hey now...pick yourself up off the floor. Pour yourself a glass of wine and take a nice steadying sip. OK, I know that was a shock for you, but really, are you all right? lol I really do still craft you know! I've got proof somewhere. Wait till I tell you about the Jaywalker sock. You will NOT believe your eyes!

Today it's been snowing pretty much non-stop. I expected snow overnight, but the winds were suppose to come in today. So far it's not been very windy, but the snow....oh yeah, it's HERE. I enjoy seeing it and don't mind it too much as long as I don't have some place I HAVE to be. i.e. work. Being on vacation, if I have to go somewhere I can usually convince DH to go along and he's got 4 wheel drive. The smart type. (The type with a driver that knows how to really use it. ;)) Anyway, it's been snowing all day and the pooch (AKA Tucker) got a bit bored with his multi-million dollar toy collection and decided to get into something he's not really suppose to. Plywood. So the hubster announced he was going out to "kill the dog". This is (almost) always said with a grin as it usually translates into a huge wrestling/playing session between himself and Tucker. DH seems to really understand that although the pooch is approximately 135 lbs, he's still a one year old puppy and needs some play outlet. Me? I'm a wuss. Having the Large One hurtle himself at me in wrestling mode is not my favorite activity and to be quite frank with you, I'm a fearin' for my crafting limbs when he wants to play that way. So it's a no go for me and I stay out of that. So that left me on the camera side of things. I just have to say that hubsters camera is awesome and took great pictures out the window!

So I give you...

"The Many Faces Of Play."

Tucker Style

"Look! I can hold my ears up!"
"You threw it. You go get it"

"Come and get it!"

"Come on....Throw it!"

When they were all done I noticed that he snow was weighing down the roses on the fence so much that the wire was bending down too low. I figured I'd better go knock some snow off the trees and the climbers on the fence so that they didn't pull down the fence. While I was in the back shaking tree limbs on a large cedar Don got these pics.

"My mom is back there and I can't get to her!"

"Maker her come play with me. Please Paw?

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Cindy said...

Girl, you may not post often, but you sure make up for it all at once. I love the pix of our little boy Tucker. He's such a good pup. OK. The plywood isn't so good, but what a dumplin'. Sounds like you had a good Christmas. Low key. Thank you so much for the pictures and update. Grover and I miss you.