Sunday, December 16, 2007

All that Jazz!

Whew! It's been a busy time and I've been away from the computer at home for a bit. I've been trying to get some stuff done around here that resembles cleaning, but really, you can't tell at all. It's that "organizational" cleaning that usually means one area looks great and the rest of the house looks like a pit as we wait to take stuff to the thrift shop. It's a lucky thing I'm not planning on decorating for the holidays this year. heheheh.

After frogging my jaywalker sock for the third or fourth time (I've lost count!) I'm going to try it out another way. I evidently can not count, can not measure and am not knitting to gauge even when I think I am. Oh I'm not giving up by any stretch of the imagination, have no fear. I'll get this one eventually. It baffles me completely as to how I could have screwed this up so bad so far. Evidently I have monstrously large feet as I am using needles larger than called for, with yarn that meets the requirements, yet I've knit the largest size written in the "larger sizes" addendum to the pattern and can not get it comfortably over my heel. So! I'm gonna try the toe up version and see if maybe that helps. I'll keep ya posted. (

In between fits of knitting and frogging Jaywalker I ran across the yarn to complete my lap-gahn. You may remember it from about this time last year. Yep, that's when I completed the main portion of the darling little thing. At that point I couldn't find the rest of the yarn to complete the border around it. Well in on of those cleaning/organizing fits a week or so ago I found said yarn and decided to finish her off before I lost the yarn again. So here it is. In all it's glory! Only 4 or 5 years late! heheheh

Today I spent a major portion of the day picking a black Alpaca fleece and prepping it for the good ole washing machine. (What a huge pleasure that is! Little VM, no poopies and ooooh so soft!) It's spent most of the rest of the day and evening being soaked or spun out in the washer. I've a couple of more rinses left before we're done for the night. It spins out so well in the washer that it should be dry in about a day and a half, tops!

OK I'm off to make dinner for tonight and lunches for tomorrow. It's an early morning for us tomorrow. If you don't hear from me until after Christmas, don't be surprised. hehe And if that's the case, y'all have a wonderful holiday, k?!


Cindy said...

And, you have a very Merry holiday yourselves. It's good to hear from you again.

aksunflour said...

Merry Christmas and the lap/ghan blankie is Beautiful!