Sunday, December 16, 2007

Happy Birthday Tucker Rupert!

Happy Birthday to Ru!
Happy Birthday to Ru!
Happy Birthday dear Tucker......
Happy Birthday to Ru!

It's hard to believe he's already a year old. Other than the fact that he's absolutely huge. heheh

His birthday went fine. He received a new plush octopus to play with as his pressy and really likes it. It's giant, has a honker inside the body and squeakers in some of the legs. It makes the same noises as the monkey stick. Need I say more? He was also lucky enough to get Dad's left over London broil. Not a bad birthday dinner at all.

Tucker was a good sport this morning and posed for this picture as well as his Christmas picture. Thankfully Don helped out as I didn't get an actual birthday hat. ;)

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Cindy said...

That Tucker is the best boy. Happy Birthday Big Guy!!!!!! Grover and I send our love.