Thursday, December 06, 2007

DOT-Video-Tucker Playing in the Snow 1

DH caught some video of Tucker last weekend while we had a bit of snow. He advised me to set up an YouTube account so I can share them with you all through Blogger. There are actually 3 vids of him taken using the small loaner camera from work. In the future we are going to try to work together to get a better vid of him. It's a bit difficult as he wants to be totally in your face the whole time. Or as the hubster put it..."Dog! You be getting totally in my grill!" Ahhhhhh, amusing, no?

T's 1 year birthday is next weekend (15th) and I have some special pics I'd like to try to take to mark that day, as well as for the holiday season. We'll see if they get done without anyone losing any limbs. ;)

Happy Dog's on Thursday!


Cindy said...

OMG. He and Grover are truly brothers. He runs like Grover and his piddypats (paws) are almost identical in size. His coat is the same. Grover's head is blocky compared to Tucker's lean head, but wow! Please give the big boy a major hug from me and Grover gives him a big hey! We have about the same amount of snow this morning and Grover doesn't give a rip. Have a wonderful weekend.

Donna said...

What fun to watch Tucker romping and playing. I have missed you guys. What a fun and handsome boy he is. You are so clever to upload video. I will have to figure that out. Have a great weekend and give Tucker a big ole slobber from me and Oliver.