Sunday, January 20, 2008

Hello There! I'm back!

You know you're too far behind on up blogging when you have to upload all the pictures you're planning to use before composing the actual post! I'm erratic at posting at best. Life gets in motion, and I get swept along with it. Not altogether unwillingly! I'm going to try to be as brief as possible as I've got a new project on the needles that is moving along screamingly, and I'd like to watch another program on TV while I work on it tonight. ;)
First! The Jaywalkers are done! I finished the second one up on Thursday without the due pomp and circumstance they deserved due to being overtired. (Sorry guys.... I'll wear you with pride this week!) The second sock went much quicker and without any noticeable errors. Amazing what happens when you read a pattern huh? I love this pattern and will defiantly be making more of these!
Next on the needles is a felted bag I snagged off of Ravelry. I'm not sure of the name right now and will post that with a link later. The really important part is that this bag is being made from some of the very first yarn I ever spun. Pre-wheel even! I'm terribly excited about using something of my own creation and am having fun as the yarn goes by seeing the differences in my spinning. This bag is intended to be for me and I plan on lining it and possibly embellishing it. Not sure what, but I've a hankering to complete a "girlie" bag. (Not my style, so I'm not sure what that's about!)
And last but not least I give you Tucker. The Hubster went for a motorcycle ride today and when I went looking for Tucker he was laying across the driveway waiting for him. Too cute!


aksunflour said...

good job on the socks!

What happened to your snow?

April said...

Thanks! Unfortunatly for Tucker the snow went away this last week. I'm sure we'll get another drift or two soon though. That's the way it is here.

Jennifer said...

Love your Jaywalkers :) Isn't Tucker cute, waiting for his dad?! (If my husband is playing with our dog Frisky and then leaves, Frisky will stand by the door or stairs and howl!) So cute.