Sunday, January 20, 2008

Thanks again Cindy!

Last Saturday night I succumbed to the calling of a new fiber in the house. As I posted a few back, Cindy sent me a braid of mystery fiber, named appropriately "Fall Multi". I was suppose to be working on my last Jaywalker sock, but after a few rounds I gave into the siren call of a new fiber experience. (I've wanted to buy some of the fiber braid before, but could never fit it in my budget, nor could I justify it with the abundance of fiber I have in nearly every nook and cranny of our home.) Anyhoo, as I sat on the couch watching I don't remember what, I undid the braid and pulled the roving into strips. Very thin strips. It was kinda therapeutic and before I knew it, I was spinning it up on the wheel. I couldn't believe how easily the fiber spun up to just the right size!

(Sorry for the icky pic.) By Sunday evening I had the whole 2 oz spun up and Monday I plied it up. I'm really quite pleased with how it came out and thought I'd stash it for a bit to decide what to make of it. Tucker solved that problem quickly. One morning this week, Don brought in one of my fingerless gloves that Tucker had managed to sneak out of the car. (When it's cold, I wear these to drive.) It's wasn't a complete disaster, but really is very ventilated now.
So now the plan is to knit a pair of fingertip-less gloves out of it. I'm on the hunt for the perfect, plain knit, free pattern so I can attempt my first glove. Whoo hoo! Always looking for new stuff to start! I then had the thought of using some of the Lily Alpaca with it that Cindy sent in the same package. I'm not sure though. Is it just me? Does this not quite match up? (meaning I can keep the Alpaca for a more special project, huh? huh?Huh?!) The light for this pic is actual the colors are a bit more true. Any thoughts anyone? Any tips? Let me know...I do appreciate it!
Ok and now the specs:
The band on the fiber braid said....
Fountain Gap Fiber, 2 oz Fall Multi
Wheel spun-2 ply-ap 207 yds.
This was probably the quickest most pleasant spin I've had in ages!
Thanks again Cindy!!!!!


Taueret said...

gorgeus yarn! Dashing ( is a nice pattern and very plain, it would look fab in that yarn.

Donna said...

Hi April! Yes i agree the pattern for fingerless gloves at is very easy. I just finished it. it also has a mitten closure , but you can skip that add on. Tucker looks to cute waiting for Dad. I love the floppy year. Give Tucker a big hug from me and a big slurp from Oliver!