Sunday, January 06, 2008

A Priest, A Rabbi and A Jaywalker....

The snow finally receded enough that I have been able to get in and out of our driveway with ease the last couple of days. Of course it's been alternating between snow and rain all day. ;) No real accumulations thus far, but we're supposedly "in for it" soon. I'm not concerned about it to tell the truth, which is a bit abnormal for me so maybe I'm learning to go with the flow better.

Knowing today was going to be ugly weather wise, I planned to spend some quality time with my crafts. Last Wednesday I finished up spinning the dark green merino/silk and today it was plying time. It went surprisingly fast, which probably means I don't have as much yardage as I was hoping for. The skeins are currently drying in the bathroom, so I'll try to get pictures of it later this week and will post the weight/yardage specs at that time. I'm pleased to finally have it done as I think it's been over a year since I originally dyed the fiber. I'll have to look that up too as I know I blogged it. lol's confession time. I finally finished my first Jaywalker sock, and yes....I immediately cast on for the second. I'm approximately 5 inches towards the heel right now. But back to the first sock. It truly deserves a place of honor. I knit this sock at least 5 times....I honestly lost count. The first time I started it, I posted a progress pic at that time and it seemed to be smooth sailing. Not so much. That original attempt proved to me that it was not going to fit my foot, so I ripped it back and started the next size up. Thus proving that I can not measure my own foot. Oh, I can, but I evidently can't read a tape measure so that's a moot point! So, on we cast a new size and hmmm.....this one looks really cool...but smaller. That doesn't make sense. I moved up a pattern size...yet the sock looks too small?! OK, I admit that at this point I should have just set it all aside until I could think properly. Those that know me will say, " um, and that would be when?!"
Did I set it aside? No. I ripped it back and cast on for the next size up and off we went. Now, this one, if memory serves me correctly, fit around my ankle. My concern was over the fact that it was so tight to pull over my heel. (I had waited until I had knit the heel flap, but not picked up the gusset stitches yet to try it on.)I ripped this one out, and tried again getting the same results. So, being so very puzzled and figuring it was one of those knitting things I'll just never understand, it was frogged one more time and I decided to do some Internet searching. (Keep in mind that there were several false starts on this as well due to the fact that I was not knitting it on DPNs but on one circular needle and that can be a bit tricky at first. lol) After looking on line for complaints about the pattern(and finding none) and after looking for pattern corrections (and finding none because they are not needed!), I decided to try the toe-up version. Still using the Magic Loop method, I cast on the toe and worked my way up to the point where the patterning would begin. That's when I dug out my trusty copy of the pattern and looked at it again. As I'm re-reading the pattern a light bulb came on. What's that say there?! I'm suppose to knit a row, then do a pattern row, then knit another row? There's suppose to be a knit row between pattern rows? I don't recall doing that the last umpteen times! YIKES!
So I ripped the toe out, and cast on the appropriate number of stitches and worked that sock out. There are several mistakes in this one that I was unwilling to frog back for. I was waiting to see if the darn thing was really going to fit, and it does, so the mistakes stay in. They'll be a good reminder to me of the lessons learned in this sock. The good news is that I found out I can measure my own foot and I can read a tape measure. I'm pretty persistent, I just need to remember to read the pattern!
Here it is on my foot just to prove it fits. When I complete the pair, I'll post the specs!
Here's a little bit of Roo just to reward you for making it this far. He does love his snow!

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Cindy said...

Your jaywalker sock fits better than most I've seen. It's lovely. As for Roo, he's a magnificent beast, isn't he?