Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Thank you Cindy!

OOOOH! Looky what showed up for us!!!

Saturday the mail gal left a package pick up slip for us. My work schedule overlaps the pick up times at the post office, so hubby agreed to pick it up for me on Tuesday as he had to leave too early on Monday to pick it up. So last night I got to open up this group of goodies! There are two packages of treats for Tucker, which he loves! Abbie and Salem received a package of their favorite treats. There's a tube of Pomegranate hand lotion and some chocolates too. But best of skein of alpaca yarn called Lily (I believe named after the animal herself!) and a braid of hand painted fiber to spin! I've been wanting to see a braid like this up close and to actually have one to play with is fabulous. Not pictured is the set of chopsticks, I already had them in the kitchen when I snapped the pic. Thank you so much Cindy for the goodies. They really made my day!

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Cindy said...

I'm so glad you enjoyed them. Oh, and yes, Lily is the name of the alpaca.