Sunday, February 03, 2008

Dogs on Sunday Because I Can't Keep to a Normal Schedule!

Thought I'd post a quickie dog post and give you all some eye-candy. This is the best pic of Bandit I've gotten in a long time. Due to the old dog eyes, most pictures come out now showing him with red glowing evil eyes. This one's not too bad though an shows he does something other than sleep. Even if it is just to re-postion himself to take a nap. lol

Then there's the goofball in extreme. A couple of weeks ago, Tucker snuck in the house when Don went out to warm up his vehicle. I was brushing my teeth at the time and didn't know what was going on when I heard the cats growling and hissing. I came down the hallway to find Tucker backed into the corner by two very unhappy cats. The poor dear looked absolutely mortified that the cats were talking to him that way! Don came into the house and called and called him, bu t the big guy wasn't moving for anything. Not until he felt the safety of the Pa holding his collar and not until he saw the front door was open did he feel safe to escape. I don't think he'll be sneaking in for awhile. lol
This is how I found the big goofball this afternoon. Just laying around taking a nap. Looks pretty abused, no? ;)


Cindy said...

One elegant pup and one goober. You have all the bases covered. Give the babies a hug from me and Grover sends a big old slobbery woof to Tucker.

aksunflour said...

The big guy was scared of 2 little ol' cats? What a goofy dog!
Looks warm where you are.

Jennifer said...

Bandit looks like he's ready for his close up :) And Tucker - what a hoot! Great pics. Happy DOS.

Donna said...

April, I have never seen Bandit before. He is too cute for words. That ole Tucker is really just a sweet heart. Give him hugs from Oliver and Me too! I love your gloves, and if you check my blog you will read my sad little tale about my glove adventure. What a wonderful job you did. They look perfect.

Paula said...

I just picture Tucker cornered by the cats!
I love the pictures of your furbabies today!