Thursday, February 14, 2008

Knitting Content

Last week I finished up my finger tip less gloves. I didn't bother to wash them but put them into use the very next day! They fit, they're very warm, and they're fabulous! I'm quite pleased with myself over these....inordinatly so. I'm already planning on making another pair or two out of some small quantities of yarn I've got laying about. In truth this project was probably the least painful and easiest thing I've learned in ages. And that says a lot considering I'm notorious for mis-reading patterns, leaving rows out, miscalculating guage, ect. I seem to be on a bit of a roll in my knitting right now, but I'll admit that I've not tried anything complicated and everything I've attempted thus far has already been done by more accomplished knitters. That being said....I'm still pretty proud. lol
I cast on for a pair of socks this week in an effort to use up the yarn I dyed last year at this time. The yarn was part of the supplies provided for our Sock Dyeing class put on by my spinning guild last year. The colors are not my favorite and the story of the dyeing is here if you're interested. The pattern I chose is the Yukon Leaves pattern by Lela Conrad and calls for size US1 needles. As I don't have these in circular, I cast on and worked using my DPNS. I completed the 2" cuff and worked through one repeat of the pattern and decided to try it on. Don had already expressed his disbelief it would fit and low and behold, he was correct. It would have made a great glove though. lol So I ripped it out and cast back on using my size 3 dpns then transfered it over to my cable needles. I'm about half way through the first pattern repeat and we'll see how it goes from here on out. It would be unusual for me to not have to tear it out a few more times, so I'm not holding my breath. I believe my issues are related to my inability to swatch. ;) Do ya think?! The pattern itself has been easy for me to read and understand. If this works out, I'll have knitted "l*c*" for the first time. (I'm afraid to say the word itself but I think you can figure it out. lol.)
As for other projects, I still need to finish off the green felted bag. I also need to fix/replace Don's slippers. He handed one off to me today to show me the two holes in the bottem of one. I'm not happy with how they've worn for him and I think the next pair will have a thicker sole to them. I'm thinking on how I may be able to fix them. I'm not convinced that I can though. I'm also thinking on a larger project, but am not sold on the idea yet, so I'll hold off spilling it here.

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Cindy said...

I love the mitts. The yarn turned out just beautifully. You rock the spinning world, girl. As for Don's slipper? My advice is to just knit a new pair. Do you have any handspun you can use? That just screams love.