Thursday, February 14, 2008

Dogs on Thursday...Actually on Thursday!

I Know!!!! I'm suprised too! It's a fluke thing as I had today off instead of yesturday. So since I had nothing going on today (except housework) I decided it was time to take Tucker for a ride. He hasn't been visiting in ages and I thought I'd get an acurate weight on him from the vet. He was game for a trip, so in the car we went and off to Arlington we drove. I take the back roads as much as possible, and Tucker loves to hang his head out the window. This he did nearly the whole time we were driving to town. He was very interested in all the horses we passed and wanted to stop and play, but he had to be denied. I have to admit, the cows along the way just didn't interest him at all.
Tucker was well behaved at the vets office and weighed in at 144.3 lbs. A bit more than I estimated but doing dandy. Considering a year ago he weighed in at 22 lbs, we've come a long way baby! After getting an weight on him, we drove over to the store so he could check in with the gang. He was so exicted that he started to talk and make whiney noises at the end of the block. He knew where he was and couldn't wait to get in and say hello. After visiting there, we went to a groomers shop so the owners could get a look at him. They have never groomed him before, and there's a strong possibility that they won't ever but we wanted to stop in and say "hi" anyway. They have a great shop and we got the grand tour. They let thier shop dog out to play with Tucker and we all visited for a bit. The owners are nice people and more than willing to groom the big guy, but Tucker is so bath shy that I'm not sure I'm willing to put them through that. ;) At the end of that visit, it was clear that Tucker was visited out and wanted to go home, so home we went.
After my last posting for DOT, it occured to me that I rarely post any pics of my other fur babies. It's shocking to me that people out there only know Tucker and not Bandit or Cody....or the cats for that matter. I've thought about it and really I guess it's because it's so hard to get decent pics of the other pooches. Bandit has gotten so old, that often his pics come out looking pathetic or sad, so I don't put them here. Occasionally I get a good one, and when I do I'll post it here. As for Cody, he's camera shy. I've got several pics of his rear end as he's walking away from the camera, but head on shots are hard to come by. Want proof? This one is from May of last year!
So I'll work on getting better pics of the darlings and even things out some between the doggies.


Jennifer said...

Wow - 144 lbs! That is about 20 Friskys worth (my chihuahua) of dog lol. Oh, Cody, if you could only see yourself as others see you, you would pose for a photo more often :) Just darling.

Cindy said...

OK. Work with me here. You have two pups that are tee-tiny and then, Tucker? How did that happen exactly? As for Cody, what a dollbaby. And, it's good to have you back at DOT!