Sunday, February 17, 2008

Motorcycle ICU

It's a beautiful sunny Sunday. Not a cloud above and 55 degress. It's what should be known as our "fake spring" that happens every year. Next week it'll probably snow. Today, however, everyone is out stretching thier winter weary legs and those with the fever are out in their yards trying to get a jump on the season. Still others are out enjoying the weather. Others like my hubby. He's out on a 3-4 hr motorcycle ride with a group of "local" riders that are headed over to Whidbey Island via Stanwood, Oak Harbor, ect. Why am I not going along?

Well let me tell ya a little story...

The darling man decided at the end of my riding season (aka when it gets wet and cold and I say no way to riding the bike!) that he would rebuild my carbs, and repaint my bike on the "off" season. (He knows no off season and rides whenever it's not snowy or icy.) The only parts being repainted were the gas tank and trim. As the frame is black and in good condition, we opted to leave it as is. He "hot tanked" my gas tank to get the inside clean and then stripped all the wax and paint off the trim and tank. He then spent a good amount of time fixing the few dings and dents in the tank. Now it's paint time. I've been reminding him that the sun is going to come out again soon and that I'll be wanting to ride. HINT HINT HINT. Before he left this morning on his the sun.....having fun.....I took these pictures to show you my dear Motorcyle still in the ICU. This my dears is why I am at home and he is off on a ride. It's so sad when someone you love is confined to the hospital.


aksunflour said...

Hope that you enjoyed your day by yourself. It is difficult enough to stay home because you want to - not because you are grounded and can't go where you want to go.

Donna said...

Poor little motorcycle- he needs some tlc right away-so like hubbys to start and then stop a project. I love the picture of your other pup and The Tucker trip sounded like fun. He is a big boy! Oliver sends his best and feels like a 95 pound weakling! I am jealous that your gloves came out so well. i have a very sad story on my blog about my foray into gloves! Keep up the good work.