Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Nice Matters Award

Waaaaaay back on January 29th Cindy at KnitWonPurlToo honored me with the Nice Matters Award. During that time I was experiencing some internet connection issues and was tied up with family matters and away from the blog more than not so I missed out on reading about it right away. Once I caught up (somewhat) on my blog reading I was shocked to be so honored. At my best, I'm an erratic blogger and really never expected that something like this would be sent my direction. I've since been trying to figure out how I was going to pass this honor on, as I read and enjoy so very many blogs (dial-up willing) and to narrow the masses down to only 7 seemed like an insurmountable task. What I've decided to do is pass the award onto the 7 (or so) bloggers that I check on first thing. The fact that I start with these probably means something, but in reality I read and enjoy so many blogs that I'm already sorry for not listing you all!

So every morning (dial-up willing) I grab a cup o' coffee and start off with...

Cindy at KnitWonPurlToo--well duh! I've got to check out what Tuckers alter ego is doing waaaay over there! Cindy has quickly become a great friend and "Auntie" to our Tucker and with every post I'm reminded how much she and I are alike, even though the miles separate us.

Then it's over to Cass at Shut Up, I'm Counting. I don't know if I've ever even commented on her blog, but I read (AKA lurk) like a junkie. She never fails to give me a giggle and her knitting is completely inspiring.

After Cass, I skip over to Franklin at The Panopticon. The combination between wit, skill and overwhelming talent is addicting. The man can write. The man can draw. More importantly...that man can knit! As if his writing weren't enough, the comments left there is usually a kick too. I've been known to read some of these posts and comments out loud to the DH.

Then I stop in at Donna's over at Knittinggal. It's essential to check on Oliver and see what Donna is up to. She always has the best pictures on her blog and she's so creative. It's always great to hear from her and compare notes on our pooches too! Oliver is Tucker's other blog buddy. ;) (If we ever get Oliver, Tucker and Grover out! lol)

The next stop is over at Taueret. I stumbled across her blog when I first joined up on the Spindlers list and immediately thought she was the other half of "me" in my crafting life. Even though we are a half a world away from each other we seem to try the same things at roughly the same time. (With the exception of weaving, which I am still steadfastly ignoring and avoiding at this point. She however weaves wonderfully!) She also does great book reviews!

While I'm down under at Taueret's I head over to Donyale's blog Indulging my Inner Knitter. There's always a good story, usually a giggle, great fiber being shown and wonderful knitting too!

And then there is my spinning idol. Abi at Abiknits. I first "met" Abi on the
Spindlers yahoo list and she was very helpful by giving me tips on my first silk spinning. She spins up the most gorgeous stuff, and then knits it into sweaters from patterns of her own making. I'm in awe of that!

Ok, now I'm going to sneak another one on here to. I can't leave out Sidney! She's over at As The Yarn Turns and was one of the first people to ever...ever...comment on my blog. Add to that the coffee, the critters and her spinning/knitting and you'll understand why I drop by regularly.

I could really go on forever as there are probably close to 150 bloggers listed on my Feedreader. I don't have nearly enough time to read everyone every day, but it's nice to be able to "drop" in and catch up with someone via his or her blog. Every one of you has inspired me in one way or another or just plain made me laugh. I feel fortunate to be able to "know" you all and I thank you for that. I can only apologize that I lurk so much, and comment so little. ;)

I was going to post a pic of the award on here but Blogger seems to be rejecting photo's at this time. I'll take that as a hint that I need to spin or knit and get off line. If I think of it later, I'll edit this and add it then. I'll have to wait to do my other posts too as they have pics to go with them. Ah well. Such is life


Donni said...

Too nice of you - and in such lovely company. Many Thanks!

Taueret said...

awww! Thanks April!! Made my day!