Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Hello again!

"When are you going to finish my blanket Mama?"
Well I guess it's time for me to come clean. The post titled Motorcycle ICU posted last Sunday may have given the wrong impression. was a bit of a joke for the hubster who was (rightfully) out on a grand ride with some new friends. I thought I'd have a little fun with him by posting that, and I did. He got a few chuckles out of it and shared it with his buddies. Truth be told, even if my bike were ready to ride at this time you would still have found me at home. lol. For a few good reasons too. It's still way to cold for me out there in rider land (even though it was a gorgeous day!) and I'm not really ready to be hitting the highways, or riding a ferry on a motorcycle yet. I'm strickly fair weather and back roads. He's well aware of that and encourages me to ride at my level, although me thinks he's dreaming of the day we hit the long rides together. ;) Besides that, Sunday was the first true indicator that Spring is just around the corner. The Daytona 500! I couldn't miss that!!!! Yes, I'll put it in writing. I'm a Nascar junkie. Not that I won't miss a few races later in the season for the purposes of gardening or whatnot, but the first race of the betcha I watched!

So I dug out the much malined Silk Cap that I've been avoiding eye contact with for the past month or so, and decided if Junior could keep it in the top 10 then I could certainly try to draft this stuff out and get it spun up. I did manage to get it done and am not completely pleased with it. I think it's just Beginners Boggle with the stuff and will give one more cap a dyeing and trying out before I sell the rest off. ;) Gotta be fair about it before I decide for sure. So here it is completed on the bobbin. Sorry for the lack of focus, but you get the idea on the colors. There's more yellow hiding below that red and blue. The plan is to make a three ply using this single of silk and two singles of black alpaca. I already have one single of the alpaca done (today) and am working on the second. It'll be my first three ply (I think). More to come.

Last week I was catching up on Kristi's blog and ran across her post about Folia. The idea is the same as Ravelry, only for gardeners. Of course I jumped right in and signed up. Much like Ravelry I havn't updated it one bit....but the intention is there. ;) This could be a great tool for me and I thank Kristi muchly for passing the tid bit on. I'll get around to posting the side bar button for it later.

Oh, and if you get a chance, check out The Knitting Mama blog. This gal is a member of the same guild I belong to and is just the neatest person. She always has something wonderful to show at the meetings and is always working on something! The kids are adorable too!

Well I'm off to cook (burn) dinner, so I leave you with a picture of Deception Pass that hubby took on the ride Sunday.


aksunflour said...

Thanks for the gardening link info- will definitely check that one out.

Glad that you got to enjoy the race.

April said...

Glad to share!