Sunday, March 09, 2008

Dogs, Gardening and Motorcycles

"It's a frame up!"
Here's a mugshot of the culprit.

It seems the pooch is turning into an intrepid gardener with a love of "weeding" and roses. First thing this morning I went out and restrung the electric fence along the flower bed edging part of our yard. It now extends to the end of the flower bed and protects this rose that he's almost dug up. He's also "pruned" it back severely. I'll be lucky if it lives. Normally I have my rose pruning done in February, but one thing has led to another and I'm behind on that. If you look closely you'll see the chewed off ends. The only cane to survive Tucker pruning is on the other side of the fence. There are a few other places that show his masterful weeding, hence the extension of the electric wire. He's well aware of how the wire feels, so I don't expect he'll be testing it soon. This is why he can't get into the veggie garden. ;)
"Are you sure I can't come in?"

After reconnecting the fence, I spent some quality time trimming Cody and Bandit's toenails and trimming the hair on their feet. It was too cold for a bath so maybe Wednesday. We snapped this pic of the sleeping Bandit. Boy was he tired! Cody, of course, was long gone. ;)
Don had the weekend off and spent most of it working on the motorcycles. He has another clear coat of paint to go onto my gas tank, but was able to get the carbs back on and all tuned in. It's back to purring and just needs the rest of the cosmetics done before I ride again. Chrome cleaning is coming on soon, but I'm not even going to start that until he's all done. ;) He did take mine for a ride last night (with his gas tank on) and agreed with me that the seat sucks. lol The way it's shaped, I slide forward onto the gas tank constantly or backwards if I'm going up a steep hill. I'm not sure if I'm going to modify the one I have, or look into buying a new one. They can be quite expensive, so I'll think on it. I think the only other thing I want done to it is to have the shocks adjusted down so I don't feel like I'm so high in the air. We'll see about that though. So here's a pic of my bike, in the sun, with it's new dark green coat of paint. Looking good!

Well, it's off to make dinner and get ready for the next week. I'm expecting a package this week and I'll try to post on that as soon as it arrives!


Cindy said...

Give my boy, Tucker, a big hug willya? Give the babies a hug, too, but Tucker's my bigboy. Grover says hey. Maybe I should blog less. You are so darned productive and do so much. I have yet to try the silk caps, but part of that is weiny:)

Donna said...

April, didn't you know tha dog prunning is a very refined skill-it will help the roses to realize their potential. Tucker has a rare talent! lol! I hope the bush recovers and your bike looks hot! It must be fun to ride! Give old Tucker boy a pat and a hug from me and Oliver!