Wednesday, April 09, 2008


Evidently I've gotten over feeling guilty if I don't post regularly to the blog. ;) It's been weeks since I have and I've got a lot to catch up on. There's been "stuff" going on and I've been somewhat busy, but the main reason for the bloglessness started with a general feeling of "meh" whenever I'd think about posting. I don't like to post in that frame of mind cause my snarky grumpy side shows too much and then I'd feel I should delete the post. So why bother? Pair that up with my general inclination to hibernate in my own "happy place" every once in awhile and you get a state of no blog posting. Doesn't mean I haven't been checking in on all your blogs and keeping them read up. Does mean I haven't been commenting though. I did miss sending out some important birthday cards/gifts the middle of last month though, so I'll be fixing that up soon.
So let me take you back a couple of weeks to the last week of March. The end of March is the end of our fiscal year at work, meaning our annual inventory. This year it was decided that the auditors would be in our store on Sunday the 30th, so we all worked a bit late on Saturday the 29th to insure our part of the counting process was done. That left the boss and I with the auditors on Sunday. All of it went exceptionally well and we were out of there faster than we expected. Yeah! The only down side was that on Friday the 28th we woke up to this.
And I don't mean the cute pooch on the deck....look past that. See the white stuff?!!! What the???!!!! I figured it would melt off by noon and we went to work. This is what it looked like when we left on Saturday.
Yep. Very pretty. Tucker loved it. Not only did it not go away during the day, but we had more fall that night. Sunday morning dawned, we got up and decided to head into town for breakfast before I went to work for inventory. While it's not normal to have snow like this at this time of year, it is normal for us to have snow and for it not to be snowing just down the road. We were surprised that it was still snowing in town and kept piling up the whole time we ate. By the time we were done eating, hubby decided he'd just go into work with me and play on the computer in the office while we were working with the auditors.
When we got home, we were greeted by this.

Yep, he wanted to play. I managed to get out of the way and take some pics of the two of them.

Monday it snowed some more and then, joy of joys, froze solid. Yep. Dandy. And here I thought I was going to be able to maybe mow the lawn and toss down some fertilizer. HA!

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