Saturday, June 21, 2008

Hey Y'all!

Ok, is it bad when you log into your feed reader and you have 1671 posts to read to catch up? For those not in the know, that's 1671 blog posts that have been made by other blog list friends that I've NOT read yet. I'm a bit behind. And that's after catching up on Cass and Franklin and betting waylaid by Stephanie. ( Hang in there Cindy and Donna , I'm headed there soon! Ha Cindy! I did see you changed blog addresses..although I'm still not caught up on your blog yet!) I'm thinking of getting a pair of sweats with that printed on the butt. Instead of "juicy" or "grumpy" or whatever you normally see on the teenagers butts theses days, mine would say "A Bit Behind". The men would all think, "That's not a bit!" But I bet the women would get it. Heck, I've got enough room to rent out advertising space back there. HEY!!!!! An at home job!!! No, wait, I'd have to go out to make it "advertising"....I wonder if craft stores and yarn shops would count? Hmmm.....

I've got nothing special for you guys this time. Seriously. No purty pictures, no completed projects, no amazing Tucker feats. Nutin. Bupkiss. Zippo. What I do have, finally, is time to post. Isn't that hilarious?! I find it freaking funny to be truthful. It's an accurate indicator of my life. When I have the time, I have no material, and when I have the material I have no time. lol

In the knitting world.....I'm currently working on the re-knit of my Jaywalker socks. I have concerns on the fit (as usual) but am slogging through for a bit longer before I make any decisions. The concerns I had the last 10 times led me to a really baggy sock that ended up in the toe of my shoes, therefore a pair of socks that never left the sock drawer. It's slow going as I just can't seem to get my groove going for knitting anything at this time. (I'll explain later.) I'm also working on a knitted cover for my Swifter wet jet. It's a franken-pattern, so I'm not sure it'll come out O.K. but if it works out, I'll post my mods to the pattern here. If it works out, I'm planning on knitting it a few times to make sure I have clean ones at all times. I have indoor/outdoor critters and my floors get trashed faster than you'd believe. I really like my wet jet, but I'm hating the disposable part of it. I'm getting so I hate the disposable life we seem to live lately and I'm trying to change some of my habits. I read on another blog ages ago that it may be possible to refill the bottles with my own cleaner solution and then she mentioned that she knits washable covers for her wet jet and that got me going on mine. It's slow going because I'm just not into knitting right now, but I'll get there. I'm trying to simplify my life in some areas (cleaning to be sure. lol) and using simpler cleaning solutions is one of the ways. I did invest in the much mocked Shark steam cleaner and I LOVE IT. So don't mock me in the comments! It's the first time my stove top has been this clean since it was brand new. The idea came from using my steam mop that I adore and use as a deep cleaner on the floors about once a month. (I use the wet jet in between.) I love the cleaning power of steam and I love the fact that there are no harsh fumes or chemicals that I have to worry about my furry ones being exposed to. I'm not a super freak about these things, but trying to trace what makes my old dog vomit and crap uncontrollably sometimes has brought the cleaners I use under review. So anyway, I love my steam Shark and won't hear any bad words about it. O.K.? lol Oh, how did this go from knitting to cleaning? Sigh. O.K. So to wind up "knitting"....I'm not knitting much, it's not that no pictures. My needles still click occasionally, but not enough to satisfy Abbie.

On the Wheel.....Nothing. Much like my pictures, bupkiss. Nada. After completing the Mermaid (which I love and so no, none of you can have it but thanks for the pleasant comments!), the wheel and all spindles have lain stagnant, just waiting for some fiber inspiration. I have a ball of llama roving that's all ready to spin, given to me by a customer who is a former spinner, poor dear. I have an embarrassing wealth of fiber, but no inspiration. It's all due to paper......I'll explain later. Truthfully, on the spinning front, I've missed the last couple of guild meetings and they really keep the fire lit under my wheel. So that's part of the problem. The other part is that in the back of my mind is this half baked, partially formed idea of some color blending I'd like do on the drum carder, which will involve dyeing some fiber I'm sure, and don't you know I have just the right number of bobbins free to spin up this as yet un-dyed, un-blended fiber on right now. So part of the universe is balanced in favor of spinning. I just need to balance the other parts and get on with it. lol It's the way I work. In spurts and fits and chugs. There are always these dry periods as I start a zillion projects and work on a bazillion ideas and then wham, bam, I look like Superman finishing 3 projects at once. lol It's all smoke and mirrors. But you all know that, don't ya? lol So no fiber fun at this point. I'll keep ya posted though when it starts up. k?

OK, the yard looks like a jungle in all areas except the garden. Normally I'd be overjoyed to not have to weed so much, but really, this is ridiculous. It's rained so much and been so cold, that all I have coming up in the garden is my early spring crops. It's almost JULY for goodness sakes! If only slugs, snails and weeds were a cash crop right now! I guess I shouldn't complain though as so many in other areas of the country are suffering floods and much worse. It just sickens me to see what is happening this year though as so many I know are counting on their veggie crops to see them through. I'm already looking at contingency plans for obtaining veg to put up either in the freezer or canning or drying just in case my crops don't come through. The weather is warming up, but it's still wet and I just don't know what to expect. In fact we saw storm clouds in the sky tonight like no other we've seen before. It was weird enough that Don went out and took some pics. I'll try to get them posted soon if they are any good. Come on, it's Washington. We see lot's of clouds. If he took pics, then they should be interesting. lol I just hope they came out.

The only thing that I've really been productive in lately has been in the scrap booking department. I've been printing pictures for the scrap books and cleaning files off my computer. I have this great fear that my computer will crash, taking with it all of the pictures on it. It's a real fear. If it were to happen today, I'd lose the last year plus a month or two in photos. So, I've been madly printing pics and archiving them on hard disc and cleaning off my computer. I've also been printing copies of stuff for my mom that maybe should have been printed a year ago. Ahem. Yes. I'm a bit behind. So anyhoo, since I've been printing the pictures, I've been putting page kits together for scrap booking. That led to actual scrap booking last Sunday while I watched TV and that turned into a three day affair after work. lol. So needless to say, that's another reason I've not been knitting or spinning. ;) I did, however, finally buy my Cricut this week I've only waited a year + to finally take the plunge. I've not been obsessively cutting out paper on it though as I'm waiting for a few cartridges to come into the Walmart nearest me for pick up. Once those show up, you may not see me for a good long time. lol

Other than all that nuthin, I've just been trying to take care of the husbeast, the pooches, the kitties and the home. Right now the home's sufferin, but I'm hoping to put it back on track tomorrow. Husbeast had oral surgery a week ago last Wednesday and somehow that threw me off schedule. I don't know how really, but it was at that time that I became distracted from my cleaning schedule and then I had to run errands on my day off and then it was sunny and "really, shouldn't I ride when it's sunny as who knows when that will happen again." happened, and now a storms a brewin and I'm hoping it's gone by the time the house works done tomorrow so I can go for a decent ride tomorrow. I tell you, this being a responsible adult is really screwing with my motorcycle riding time. ;)


Cindy said...

It's good to hear from you. I've been wondering if all was well. Tell Tucker that Grover has been on the blog and he's feeling "cool". Hopefully, we'll hear from you a bit more often. Take care.

aksunflour said...

uh oh! I am so behind in reading some of my favorite bloggers too! Didn't realize how much time had passed since I last read your blog. Sorry :(
Have an awesome 4th!