Sunday, July 06, 2008


It's definitely difficult to get decent and interesting pics of the pooch now. If
I'm outside and not working on something he assumes I'm there to play with him and then he's right up in my face. Being a large dog, this usually means I end up with pictures like this one.
The type that make his feet look small and his nose look abnormally large. lol
This being the case I decided to take advantage of the hubby's mowing of the lawn a while back. Tucker is very much infatuated with anything that has wheels and he's very much Don's dog if Don is around. Normally Don had to tie Tucker up in the driveway if he wants to mow the lawn; however, this time the pooch was on his best behavior and was able to be free. He spent the time wisely trying to distract Don away from the task at hand.
Here he is scooping up Monkey to take over to Don in the hopes he'll stop and play.

And now he just follows him everywhere hoping to wear him down. hehehe
UH OH! He's noticed me taking pictures!
There's my handsome boy.

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Paula said...

Hi There Tucker!
What a sweet dog he is! I love the personality that shines through to his pictures!