Friday, June 06, 2008

Mermaid, FO Socks and the Obligatory Tucker Shots.

Here's the Mermaid all plied up. Neither picture is completely accurate in the color department but at least you can see some of the green, teal and purple in this one. Mermaid ended up being 7 1/4 oz and approx 408 yards. I'm quite happy with it, even though it's not my normal color scheme so I think I'll put it away for a "ME" project. ;)
This is a pretty good picture of Mermaid. OOOO! Bright and pretty! I was amazed at how large the skein looked when completed. Right now I don't have anything on the wheel or on a drop spindle and nothing in line either. I can't quite decide what I want to work on fiber wise right now. Inspiration will come soon, I'm sure.
I finally finished my Monkey socks a few weeks ago and to be honest, had to take them off my feet to get pics of them. :) I'll be using this brand of yarn again as it's super comfy and machine washable too! Glad I've got some in my stash. hehe I've cast on for a re-knit of my Jaywalker socks and am working away on them slowly. So no progress pics at this time for those and I'm not sure I will post progress photos of them as they've been knit to death with that particular yarn.
Ok, and the obligatory Tucker picture since we all know you only come to see the beastie anyway. lol. When I get home at night he sits next to the car waiting for his treat. Usually he has his nose pressed to the glass and if I can get a shot of that I'll share it with you. For now, you'll just have to live with this.


Taueret said...

nice spinning, I lurve the mermaid yarn. I come for you- not Tucker! :-)

aksunflour said...

Tucker fan here. He is so goofy! His expressions always bring a smile out.

BTW the Mermaid yarn looks nice.

April said...

Thanks! I really like it too. It's funny how people go the same blog for different things, isn't it? I love the pooch lots, it just seems that he's taken over my blog sometimes. heheh

Firefly Nights said...

Green, teal, and purple are GREAT colors. Love the Mermaid. Poor Tucker. He must love treats as much as my boys do.