Sunday, June 08, 2008

Go For A Ride?

Memorial Day weekend found us with two days off in a row together. The first day I spent working in the yard playing catch-up out there. With the weather we've had, I barley made a dent in the to-do list but by the end of the day I felt good about what was accomplished.

Day two found us completing only what we had to. Hubby was set to help me in the yard, but I just couldn't get into it. I found myself starting projects and then standing around like a teenager waiting for an adult to tell her what to do, mentally drifting off. After realizing it, I decided to bag the yard work for the weekend. I confessed as much to the hubster and he had a quick suggestion. His plan? Grab something to eat and head up to Lake Cavanaugh off of Hwy 9 and have a pic nic lunch. The plan worked great. It was a wonderful ride to a place I've never been and the weather wasn't crappy. Only hiccup in the plan was that the public boat launch there is just that. A boat launch. No park, no tables, nutt-n. lol. So we just parked it in the grass next to the motorcycles and ate there. ;) Worked fine.

On the way back the hubster took off and left me in his dust. Turned out he just wanted to get a few pics of me riding down the road. Looking at these, it occurs to me that I look much like a burnt marshmallow bombing down the road. VBG! lol I guess I'll have to hit the diet harder and get some more exercise. hehe

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