Sunday, June 08, 2008

Shut Up and Skate-My Version.*

A few weeks ago Mom mentioned to me that the oldest niece was going to be in Port Orchard and that she was thinking of arranging for DART to take her to see her as a surprise. Now DART is a great service to disabled or Senior persons who either don't or can't drive. However, we've had DART "forget" us at the fairgrounds in the same county, so no way was I going to let her take that system to go 3 counties away. (They have to change rigs at each county line, picture that if you will. ;) ) Figuring we'd have to drive to Port Orchard to find my mother anyway, we decided to make a day trip of it. (Well, we wanted to see the kid ourselves and the whole Mom excuse worked in our Don's become quite the picture taker in the last year so I have a few (oh, about 90) pics and some video (um, yeah...7 mini vids. lol). I'm trying to keep this to a minimum. Those related can have pics emailed if they ask. Or a disc mailed if they ask nicely. (hint, hint, hehe)
So here we are leaving the Edmonds Ferry Terminal. It was timed nicely with us being one of the last three cars allowed on. Way to go Hubster! There are not other pictures of the drive as I was busily knitting on my Jaywalkers (yes again) and he was trying to tune out the constant conversation. I'm not sure why he can completely tune me out, but hasn't perfected tuning out Mom yet. Go figure. So once we get to the designated spot in Port Orchard we determined the "kid" wasn't there and went to eat. By the time we had eaten and made it back she had arrived with her buddies.
See? Proof it's hereditary.
This one is of Jess and her friend Shorty. And yes, we did surprise her. Most of her friends knew we were coming, but they never let on to her.
Then there is the pic of the stash for the trip. Theirs, not ours. lol
This one looks like Mom is picking what she wants out of the stash. lol
Can you tell we're related? Oh, and the guy at the right hand side of the picture had his hair cut like Wolverine from the X-Men. It was cool, but he was no Hugh Jackman.
Did I forget to mention why the "kid" drove up with her friends from Oregon? Oh yeah, well seems they're all part of a Roller Derby team called the Rockin Roulettes and there was a bout in Port Orchard for them that night. Jessie's not a member of the team yet, but her girlfriend is and Jess is friends with them all.
Here they are at the call out at the beginning of the bout.
And another shot of part of the team.
Jessie's girlfriend "Scrambled Legs" aka Draven. We had a blast at the bout. Just reading everyones derby name, looking at the costumes and generally laughing our butts off, let alone the fun cheering on the girls! It's definitely a spectator sport. Everyone was getting into it and even Mom said she had a great time.

Towards the end of the first half of their bout, Scrambled Legz took an elbow to the face (an illegal move, btw.). Just before the beginning of their second half, the EMT's decided she needed to go to the hospital as she was still nauseous and a bit dizzy. We had already decided we were going to have to cut out early so we could catch the ferry in time; so we left just as Jess was taking her to the hospital. We called her when we got home to find out that she had a CT scan to make sure she was ok. This can be a dangerous sport. A follow up call the next morning advised us she was fine, but I'm sure she had a head ache.
So here's the sunset shot from the ferry.
Ok, since then we've become a bit Roller derby obsessed. There are a few teams in the area and we went last night to a bout at Edmonds C.C. to watch the Jet City Rollergirls bout it out. What a hoot! To make it even better, two players that skated with the Rockin Roulettes where there on the Axles of Annihilation team. It was cool to see familiar faces again! I'm sure we'll be at another bout next month. ;)
* The asterisk in the title is an idicator that the hubster used this title for a blog post as well. However, it should be noted that the title was taken from the stamp they inked our hands with at the door, and my post is better so neener, neener neener. VBG
Edited to correct spelling and derby team info.


Cindy said...

Roller derby is sort of an underground sport here in St Louis, but there are some pretty rabid fans, too.

April said...

Yeah, I'm finding it's still a bit underground out here too. However, some areas even have "derby brat" teams for the kids. lol