Saturday, November 08, 2008

Feeling Chatty Part 2

Part Deux!
October 26, 2008.
5) I can be accurate about this date as I remember it very well. Not only was it the last date I rode my motorcycle this year (so far) but it was truly a WONDERFUL day! We started off at our usual Sunday haunt for breakfast, but as it was later than usual, and busier than usual we ended up sitting at the "bar" and got to see more of the "drama". They were so busy that our coffee showed up in Styrofoam take out cups! That has NEVER happened!! The whole breakfast time was so abnormally busy and entertaining that the hubster left an abnormally large tip to be divided between the two waitresses. They appreciated it and it totally underscored that we're "regulars" and understand the trade.
This was the last Sunday the the hubster "demanded" (snort-hiccup-laugh) that we ride the motorcycles as it was beautiful. Who was I to argue? Yes, I had at least 3 reasons to shoot him down, and I would have but I really wanted to get out for the day. And a glorious day it was! He had put all his fire power into the "We're riding today" campaign that he hadn't set he actual ride. I suggested a calm ride to the "fall corn maze of his choice" and won the round. For the past "I don't know how many" years, I've wanted to do a Fall corn maze and we both know several farmers that build them every year. The ironic part is that the one we went to was a customer to neither of us!!!! lol So I floated the idea over breakfast, and the deal was sealed! We ended up at "The Farm" in Snohomish, doing the Washington State Maze. What a hoot!
First stop was the bank for cash to get in the gates. While the hubster was inside, I watched the motorcycles and washed off our helmets. MAN! His was really dirty! You'd think he'd take time to wash that crud off!!!!
The first thing we saw at the farm were the giant pumpkins! WOW! I've seen stuff like this on TV but not in person!
Me, being a feed store employee, I had to see the animals, even if they weren't customers!
So here are the piggies.....
And the sheepies......(what kind of spinner would I be if I didn't take a sheepie pic?!)
OK, and this is where I realize that all the good pics are on the hubsters computer. Suffice it to say that the maze was laid out to resemble Washington State. We hit every city that meant anything to any family member and then went to any city on the map. It was wonderful amounts of fun, we spent the whole day there and we'll probably do it again!!! I'm so glad we did it finally this year! I hope we can do it next year with a group of friends.
6) Here's the Mom shawl progress pic at this point. Even though I'm the knitter, I can admit it looks no different really from the previous pic and the next. lol You'll just have to trust me that it's progressing.

7) On the 29th of October we carved pumpkins for the first time in years! We both chose our designs from online and they both came out grand. All I knew was that I wanted mine to be winking, DH came through for me in an utmost humorous fashion and I think they both were great! Mines on the left, his on the right.

8) Hang in there my fiberly friends. The goodness is on the way. lol I'll post the next one as 8a)'s just that good. ;)

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