Saturday, November 08, 2008

Feeling Chatty Part 1

It's been nearly a month since my last post and as Cindy pointed out, "It's not motorcycle weather.", so I have not that excuse. Really, time just gets away from me. It's hard for me to believe that it's November 8th already! Someone mentioned to me today that loss of memory was one of the signs of aging, I just can't remember who. (ba dum bump! applause) Well anyway, I've decided that I'm just going to pick up where I left off last month and do a long rambling post and try to catch up to today. I may have to suddenly break if off to start another post, but that depends on how much blogger can take. ;)
To simplify I think I'll do a list and add photos as necessary.
The following has happened since the last post.....
O.K., I just went to "my photos" to see what's been going on in the last month and there is NO way that's all gonna fit in this post. I think we need to break this down by category or something or you all will be here forever. Yes. All three of you. And really, Cindy, I know you have stuff to So although there will be may not mean anything other than as space makers.)
1) The GARDEN! ---Thankfully I've just re-read the last post and deleted the paragraph that I typed here to tell you how the garden went. Ya, I know you got that last post. So here are some pics.
Raised beds, cleaned out with the exception of one broccoli plant that I made an agreement with (it must produce or out it comes!) and seeded with a cover crop. Please ignore the untidy gravel pathway as much of the top left of the picture is strawberry plants that hopped the bed and are moving to my Mom's in the Spring. I couldn't bear to kill them and she's not ready for them yet, so they'll stay with me till then. ; ) It's not really a problem as there's a motorcycle (Virago) that needs to move sitting on that pathway too. lol

Here's the sunflower that didn't quite make it before the seasons changed. It was not planted by me, as I didn't plant any. One of the wild birds or rodents must have stashed it here.

The tires I decided not to seed with cover crop as I'm going to change out 1/2 their soil next spring before seeding. In this picture you can see the Lavender (that I've always wanted to grow but didn't get transplanted yet) and the Mints that should already be in the mint bed but that requires moving some other flowers first. My gardening life resembles a slide puzzle. "move piece a, slide piece b, move piece c into space vacated by piece a," etc.
And the bean/pea bed all cleaned out and ready to grow.
This is my pride and joy from that weekend. Just looking at this picture makes me smile. I've been wanting to clean out the area behind the shed and behind the lettuce bed and lay shavings since I built the lettuce round bed. It was always part of the plan. At things progressed, and there were more important things to do, that project fell by the wayside. Even though I knew it would save me time and effort, even though I knew it would mean eradicating a natural shelter for rodents, snails and slugs. Finally, this Autumn, when the ground was so moist that the natural weeds just peeled off like a blanket, I was able to complete this task. It was amazingly simple, but oh so satisfying! This is the spot I stash my extra fencing, my empty pots, my extra whatever. It will be so nice to not have to cut whatever-it-is-I-need out of the blackberry vines and weeds to be able to use it next spring. What a grand Spring surprise that will be because I promise you, after the winter snows, I'll forget I got that accomplished!
I've already made one resolution for next years garden. "I am only going to grow what we normally eat!", and I mean it. Even if it means three boxes of the same ole, same ole. It's ridiculous to grow food that we 1) don't normally eat (meaning, I'll buy it at the grocery) or that is 2) a royal PITA to store. ;) So next year will be a bit interesting with me trying to curb my "let's grow everything in the known universe" mentality! Come back and enjoy the ride!!! This means I should NOT be planting Turnips. Can you help me remember?
o.k. at this point in the evening, I'm working on the second coming of this post. My dial up connection has already failed once, deleting 2/3's of this post and I've just re-created it. If it fails again, I will be forced to give up and go to bed as I cannot be held accountable for my reaction to a post being eaten up by blogger twice in one evening due to dial up issues. I'm only noting this as the last time it crashed it posted my unfinished post and if you are reading this and it's wonky...that's why. k?
2) The next grouping of pictures were downloaded on the 26th. They included the 21st of October, which was the hubsters and mine 17th wedding anniversary. As we were wedded on our two year anniversary, it marked the 19th year we have spent together. I was completely floored to receive a flower arrangement delivered at work. I NEVER expected that, and was so wonderfully surprised that I was speechless for a bit. It truly effected me for days. I'm still floored. It was arranged differently from both sides and I loved it completely! As it happens, I had a guild meeting with some prior responsibilities that night and could not miss the meeting, so we had our usual guild night of deli oriental for dinner. I believe he had other plans, but made up for it later in the week.
Here's a shot of the other side! This beautiful arrangement lasted at least two weeks. I've yet to toss the dead heads as I'm waiting on the last of the bloomers. I hate to let something like that go!
3) Oh yeah, and I broke out this old friend from the cupboard. During grocery shopping one day I noticed that the price of "decent" bread was so high that I could make it myself at a significant savings. Yes, I own a bread machine and yes, the initial out go was more than a loaf of bread, but even making the two loaves a week required to meet our needs, we're saving money. I made that up the second week I made 7 grain bread. I think the bread tastes better, and I know what's going into it, so I know it's healthier. There have been a few mishaps like miss-calculations and all that is normal to a new routine. It must be sticking though as last Monday (My day off) I had a batch of bread going, the food dehydrator going, and a crock pot of soup going all while I carded fiber. Wow! What a wonderful and happily repeatable day!! If I could do that each day and stay home, I'd feel truly productive! ;) (Oh, what a dream!)
4) Oh, and last but not least for this post. Some time around here I loaded up His Royal Highness Tucker the 1st and we visited the "walk in clinic" to get an accurate weight. He wanted me to post his weight as I was guesstimating him a little heavy. He's only 156.8 lbs. NOT 160. I know, I know, but can you argue with this?
Love him dearly and can hardly believe he's almost 2!

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