Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Tucker and Snow

The 19th of December marked Tuckers 2nd birthday. I know! It's hard for me to believe that he's two already. That really went fast. At his last weigh in he was 156.8 lbs, but that was before the cold weather (some single digit nights which are rare for us) prompted hot oatmeal in the morning and at night. It's something he really likes and has gotten quite attached to. I don't think it'll be fun to break him of it. ;) Anyway, it appears he's put on a few pounds since then, but he wears it well. For his birthday, I brought home a T-Rex stuffed toy that I had originally put aside at work for his Christmas pressy. It's about 18" tall and super tough. (I got him another toy for Christmas.) Monday while I was home cleaning out my craft closet (the power was out) I looked out the window to see him playing with it. I was able to snap these pics through the window before he realized what I was doing.
It pretty much says it all.

Evidently he liked his pressy! He's carried it around the yard and we keep bringing it back up to the house at night but it's none the worse for wear. That's a tough toy!
Well, that's far too many pictures for one post, so I'll wrap it up and start another. ;) It's feast or famine around here with now being FEAST time! The next one might take a bit as I have to steal pictures off Don's computer and Photoshop them first. ;) Bear with. I've a goal to get caught up tonight!


Cindy said...

What an amazing puppy. He's the best. I guess since he's 2 now, he's no longer a pup. He'll always be our puppy. What a gorgeous boy!!!!

April said...

We're pretty taken with him ourselves! lol He's still very much a puppy in many ways. I've been told that Anatolians don't become "adults" truely until they are three. So we'll spend the next year looking for more growth (holy moley) and see if he looses more of his puppy-ness. Sometimes he's so "adult" it's scarey....othertimes he's a complete pup. All in all, he'll always be "our boy". ;) Thanks for keeping in touch even when I'm off the blog for so long. :)