Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Me and Roo

Tucker Roo that is.
Here is a rare occurrence in blog land. Pictures of me on the blog. I wanted to share this short story and the pictures with you but couldn't do it justice without keeping a few of me in there too. I hate to have my picture taken and am usually quick to delete them. However, these are of the Tucker boy too, and I just couldn't get rid of them. So sorry, you're stuck looking at me too. :) Focus on the dog and you'll get through it. ;)

Before we started shoveling snow I was trying to get Don to walk out in the front yard and see exactly how deep it was in the areas Tucker hadn't packed it down. Don was having none of that so I had to go out there and show him. Tucker hadn't been playing in these areas because it was so deep. He thought it was a great time to play and I figured with the snow that deep it wouldn't do much harm. It's rare when I get out and wrestle with him as he is so large and so powerful. "Mama is for cuddling, Daddy's for wrestling." That's what I tell him. We had so much fun though that I couldn't stop laughing!

And it begins.
He's always been mouthy.
That's a power slam headed my way.
It's like wrestling an elephant.
Making snow angels? Naw, getting kisses after I pinned him. lol
Trying to stand up after rubbing snow on his belly.
"Truce?" Naw, Lets play more!

I'm holding onto his fangs and trying to distract him so I can walk to the driveway.
It was lots of fun playing with him in the snow but I'm glad I don't have to do it all the time. This weather is his kind of weather and he's always "on" right now. It's either full bore play, or sleepy time. He sure is a lot (and I mean A LOT) of fun in this stuff!


Tina. said...

Looks like great fun!!!! Happy New year!

April said...

It was! Happy New year to you too!