Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Knitting, Spinning and Such

Oh what to blog next? In this mad dash to catch up, it's hard to decide what's next. Hmmmm....I'm thinking knitting!
Awhile back I noticed that there are holes in the bottom of my felted slippers. I have a pair of clog type slippers that I love dearly and I've been meaning to replace them with the felted clog slippers from Fiber Trends for the last couple of years. For one reason or another it's not been done, mainly because I doubted my ability and (snort) didn't think I had enough yarn in the stash to complete them. (rolling on the floor laughing. If you could see my fiber/yarn stash.....hehehehehe) Anyway, I noticed that not only did I wear out my felted fuzzy slippers, but my favorite slip on slippers are at deaths door as well. With snow on the ground and cold weather abounding, I decided to quickly knit up a pair of warm footsie covers out of a Wool Ease in a cranberry color. (They show lighter in color in the pics.) After completing Mom's shawl, I cast these on and whipped them out. They fit, well they were a bit large, but I wasn't giving in. They were mine. And warm. Even if I had to add a draw string to them to keep them on!

After completing them I decided to tackle the Fiber Trends Felted Clogs. They knitted up surprisingly quick and while Don was modeling the "before" picture for me, I had him model the Cranberry slipper as well. (Don's wearing the before felting clog and my foot is next to it for reference.)
Wouldn't you know it, the Cranberry slippers fit him perfectly. Well, almost perfectly. The cuff was cast off a little tight for him, but overall they fit fine. So I finished knitting up my felted clogs, then undid the cranberry slippers and recast off with a looser finish and removed the tie so he could wear them. He's now up 2 pairs of slippers to my one. And he wants a pair of felted clogs now that he's seen them finished. (Not that he's the slipper Nazi or anything. I am the one who offers after all. lol)
Here they are all done. Well basically done. They felted right down and very quickly I might add. I think Don had his doubts as to weather they would felt down that much, but I had faith. They are really warm and very cushy and all I hoped they would be. I wore them most of yesterday, but have tabled them until I can get the leather glued to the bottoms. I nearly did the splits on the lino last night and really, my body doesn't bend that way. So I'll try to get the leather on the soles (suede side down) either tonight or tomorrow. I have a couple more projects I want to complete before I start his. Maybe.
After completing the clogs, I was looking for something quick and easy to knit while we went to the cabin for the weekend (another post in the making) so I balled up two small skeins from the color blending exercises and decided to make some finger tip-less gloves. I grabbed the same pattern I used last winter and on Saturday cast on the red/black/grey while watching TV. I decided that this time I would experiment with the pattern some. I usually wear this type of glove when driving which is why I don't want a full fingered glove as it impairs my grip on things like the key, the gate latch, etc. However warm my brown pair are, I found myself wishing for a longer finger length, so I decided that this time I'd knit the fingers full length (past my finger tips) but not tie them off together as a closed tipped glove. This way I can pull them down to use my finger tips if needed, but have the warmth of a full fingered glove if wanted. I'll test them out and let you know how they work for me. If they don't, I've got enough length to take out the cast off and modify them if I want. I may not have enough yarn to complete the pair so I may have to blend and spin up a bit more to finish them. Good thing I wrote down the color ratios. They may not match perfectly, but they are only for me, so no biggie. I'll post pics as soon as they are semi complete.
I took a break from knitting yesterday to get some spinning done. I completed Maria's Gunmetal/Burgundy skein. It turned out to be 290 yards and a nice squishy yarn at that. Part of me hopes she hates it so I can keep it all to myself! hehehe I've already started on the purple she asked for and have one bobbin of singles completed. I'm pre-drafting the batts into roving so it would be more uniform with less concentration. It's going quickly and I think this and the vermilion will both be Navajo plied into a three ply. I'm not committed to that yet, but it's a strong gut feeling so it will probably end up being so. It's a good thing Maria's flexible, but if she hates them, I can always keep them. (Not that I'm trying to make something she hates, honest. It's just a nice safety net that I happen to like how they're coming out too. Honest. Really. Stop laughing.)
Well dinners almost done and I've got to get on with it. There are a couple of more posts in the plans, but I'm starting to wonder if it can all be done in one night. (grin) If not, I may be back tomorrow.

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