Tuesday, December 30, 2008


With the power outages we experienced in the last few weeks, and the snow on the ground, the animals inside have gotten a bit of cabin fever. My more civilized ones have taken to sleeping most of the time with intermittent play times to work off some steam. We'll discuss Salem later.
A week ago the power was out for nearly 12 hours. As I had done a bunch of baking the night previous it took most of that 12 hours for the house to cool off enough for me to consider breaking out the heaters. Luckily the power came on before that became a necessity. However, Abbie disliked the chilling of the house (for goodness sakes it was still 60+ in the house the brat!) and was looking for anywhere warm to curl up and sleep. As I was sorting stuff and doing general cleaning and getting in her way, she decided to curl up on the back of the couch. She was chilly enough to put up with (and enjoy even) having her blanket put on top of her.
Later, she curled up with her dog.
And Don snapped this one yesterday. She's too cute for words!

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