Monday, December 15, 2008

Reindeer Anyone?

Tucker the Anatolian Reindeer!

Last year he did this so well and was so patient for the pictures. This year? He wasn't quite so thrilled with it. While this picture causes me many giggles, you can certainly see the desperation in his eyes. lol The whole "What the hell?!!!" expression just gets to me. hehehehehe

I have some more pictures to share of the big ole boy, just to get you all caught up. These were taken at the end of last month. Don took advantage of the good weather and did some maintenance on the motorcycles. As with anytime he's outside working, Tucker decided he had to help. He mostly lays around where Don is working, that is, until he decides Don should be done and playing with him. Then he's all over Dons feet, chewing on them , and trying to get him to play. Don was able to snap these pics before the play began. I would never dream of getting the camera this close to the ground anywhere near Tucker, but that is the magic that is "a man and his dog." He can get away with so much more than I. ;)
Here's our boy sitting nicely for the camera.

Guarding the motorcycles.

Posing all GQ.

"You sure you wanna mess with me?"

Sunning his belly.
There's much more to catch up on, but I'm finding it hard to make time to post. I've got a few more posts in the works and I'll try to get them done in the next few days. Busy schedule this week, so we'll see. ;)
Hope this finds everyone warm and cozy, safe and happy.

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Cindy said...

Such a big ole silly boy. Grover and I send hugs and slobbers (the slobbers are from Grover;--)