Monday, December 01, 2008

Victory Is Mine!

"Victory is mine!"---Stewie Griffin

I know I've been away for a bit again, but I've been productive. The holiday snuck up on me and I managed to get the house cleaned up enough for Mom to come over for dinner. We had a great day and a simple meal, making more time for games and visiting. I love that about simple holidays. ;) The hardest part was not talking to her about this.....
The shawl is finished! I'm so excited I can't stand myself! Seriously. I do the happy dance a every time I think about it. Don's gonna be ready to sedate me by Christmas. Now I've to to figure out a shawl pin thingy for her. Even though it's wide enough for her to tie it should she choose, I'd like to provide a shawl pin for her to use as well. That's the next project.
Here it is in it's painfully pinned out blocking form. You'll notice that I'm using the unconventional pattern cutting board as I needed to be able to block it on something that I can move out of range of the children. (Every time this was laid out flat, someone with claws was showing too much interest and even in this picture you can see The Vomiteer heading over in a curious fashion. I wasn't taking any chances!) Thankfully Don thought to mention this wonderful fold out cardboard thingy that I own, as I was shooting down options at an alarming rate. He's definitely the brains of the operation here. ;)

I was so excited to have finished the shawl that I jumped at the chance to freely spin yarn with no guilt. Yeah, that lasted all of 15 minutes, then I was back on the couch cleaning up knitting mess and working on the re-knit of the Jaywalker socks. I tried the one on and don't think it's feasible to continue it. I'm contemplating re-frogging (for the umpteenth time) and starting over with a bit looser gauge, maybe different needles, I don't know. Something is wrong with this sock though as it's way too tight. Ironic as I'm re knitting them due to them being way to loose. Whatever happens, I'll not re-frog without re-reading the last blog post on them to see what's what with them. ;)
I leave you with a bit of eye candy.
The boy. I noticed this weekend that his chest has broadened out some and he's starting to put on a bit more bulk. Don snapped a few really nice pictures of him so I'll share those when I'm done snagging them off his computer. He also got some really nice video of Tucker howling that I'll post here soon.
I hope that all is well with you guys and that these holidays are sweet for you all. I'll be back soon!

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Cindy said...

Your Mom's shawl is gorgeous. She'll be thrilled. As for the blocking? Sucks, but it is so worth it. And, that Tucker is so gorgeous. Virtual hugs to you all.