Monday, March 09, 2009

Guess what? We had snow again Sunday and yet more today. Just after a nice warm stretch and as usual just when we all start thinking about gardening again. :) I had managed to side step the urge to garden, thinking that it wasn't time yet and that Winter was just not over yet. However I am wishing it would warm up just enough for more frequent motorcycle rides. I am missing that.
I have been filling my time with some spinning and knitting. I'm still knitting the same thing, but have finished off some yarn. Yesterday I was able to get the purple/black/gray thingy skein done. I'm still not sure I like it but I am sure I'll keep it. It intrigues me too much to get rid of it. In normal daylight it's got this purply black color, but every time I try to photograph it the pictures show a washed out gray/green. Wierd. It's super soft, supersquisy and I'll do something with it.
This is unknown fiber, and the dyeing was done way back when I was trying to get purple. Or was it black? Who now knows? lol I suspect I was going for black and was using the Wiltons dyes at the time. What I do know is that it's approximately 352 yards, 3.75 oz. and 14WPI. I was most excited that I remembered to dig out my WPI tool and use it. I know! Impressive, huh?
The pictures are dark as I had adjusted the camera down to a point where it would take a picture showing that there is acutally a pinky purple part in there and not washed out gray. I know, it's not the most stunning. (You can click on it for a more close up look if ya want though. It's better looking close up.)
I'm still working on the grey Jacob but should be done with the singles tonight. I've already plied up two skeins and this last bit should make three. (Love the jumbo flyer for plying!!!) I also dug out the mostly white Jacob last night as it occured to me that I was close to completing the fiber in my spinning basket. So next up with be the mostly white Jacob and a dull rusty pumpkin color. I know...sounds so exciting. ;) I forsee another day spent behind the carder making up goodies to spin.
Pretty soon I'll be doing some dyeing of the Corriedale top I bought and would love tips from others who have dyed top before. I have visions of it dyed and braided. lol I should have bought it dyed, me thinks. ;)
Well, waiting for Blogger to load my pictures due to my crappy slow dial up connection has made me grumpy, so I'm off to spin and regain some happy.
Bloggers not playing nicely........spell check isn't working......I give up. I hope the typ-o's aren't too bad.

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