Wednesday, March 11, 2009


So today had it's particularly stressful and crap full moments at work that exceeded the normal Wednesday and towards the end of the day the husband called me and suggested dinner out at our usual haunt. I, of course, attributed this gesture as one of his more brilliant bouts of "channeling my psychic unhappiness" and agreed (well, duh...who hates to cook? Me!) and off we went. After we ate, and I vented and we made it home.....and he started doing something unusual.

He started unloading the dishwasher.

Now, to be fair to me I should describe his normal homecoming. It goes as follows......after slaving away all day to ensure that our financial needs are met and that kibble will surely flow into the bowls of our four-legged offspring on a daily basis he battles his way through the front door. (Lest you think I'm exaggerating this point, let me illuminate his entrance nightly for you with a few chosen phrases.
#1) 160 lb. dog. who "LOVES" his Pa!
#2) Pa is usually garbed in full motorcycle protective gear.
#3) 160 lb dog who "LOVES" to wrestle with his Pa!
#4) 160 lb do who stands between "anything" and the front door. (That's my boy! I do love him! Good guard dog! Get 'em big boy!)
You don't think that's a battle?!! Come visit "unannounced" and then we'll talk. VGB!
Anyway....after that battle, husband usually says a brief hello, gets something to drink and retreats to his computer for less threatening communications. Not necessarily in that order.

So for him to come home and directly start emptying the dishwasher was a bit surprising. I was stunned enough to just stand there and try to be helpful and not pull the martyr bit. It crossed my mind that maybe I was a bit more pitiful than I thought and maybe, just maybe, I should go lay down. Maybe today had been worse than even I, who had lived through it, had imagined. Had my brain, in some self preservation type maneuver, blocked out the pain of something that I had inadvertently disclosed over dinner?? Was it worse than I remembered? WOW! Should I make a more than normally strong drink?! Trying not to look too freaked out, I assisted in a less than convincing manner in the reloading of the dishwasher. I know this to be true because after confirming where the dishwasher detergent went and confirming how to turn it on (yes....he really uses it that infrequently! Crap I could change the oil on my car with less assistance!!!! Not complaining....appreciating the help...truely...really. Honest.) he started telling me of this discussion he had with a co-worker today. The one that involved the double sink load of dishes at home that didn't go away this week. You know, that there must be a "battle of wills" going on in our house hold 'cause I'd made mention of his inability to recognize a sink full of dirty dishes (only as "case in point" that some people do not see what's in front of them as he was complaining that he's the only one at work who refills the toilet paper [super ironic] or thinks to clean the bathroom [and all the wives will join me in rolling on floor in laughter from irony here] and that maybe, just maybe the other guys at work don't realize that it's an issue. OK. And do I need to point out that this discussion was on a Sunday and not necessarily this last Sunday and that today is Wednesday?!! Ya know?!!!) and that maybe he should give in and do the dishes before I really lose it...but wait....doing that first would delay dinner so maybe he should take me out to dinner first. Huh!!

Don't you just love it when the cosmos works in your favor and due to a "Misinterpretation" of a situation leads to not only you being taken out to dinner, but the dishes at home being done for you too?!!!!! (Deep sigh of happiness!)

Now for clarification. Monday is my day off whilst the husbeast is gone. Dishes were done on Monday.
Cleared of the sink.
Washed, dried and put away.
Monday night's dishes were "left over" 'cause I was having a Day Off. (re: lots of spinning, even late into the night.) Tuesday night I went forth and gathered groceries. (As is my lot, being the gatherer in this "hunter"/"gatherer" pair.) Dinner was easy, paltry and really didn't require many dishes. I have NO IDEA where the extra dishes came from. I told the husband that the dishes in the dishwasher were last nights....but upon further reflection, that's not so. That load was the last one on Monday. So...Where the HECK did the DOUBLE sink load of dishes come from today?!!! It's only Wednesday and there's only two of us!!!!! I can account for two cereal bowls (one for Tucker and one for Don today. It was freezing and both needed oatmeal today.) and some small cutlery. Also for the sand which box from Mondays lunch and of course for Monday night's dinner. As for the others, I have NO IDEA! I think the cats are behind it. Or the dishes were hiding in other rooms. Who knows?! Because after loading the dishwasher tonight the husband still had a sink full (of our double sink) left over for tomorrow. I believe they breed overnight. I wish my sock yarn did.

On other happier thoughts......since I'm up and cannot sleep.

I've been reading The Yarn Harlot's books as of late and I do believe I've now read all of them. I came lately to that game, but I'm that way. I shy away from the intensively popular as the "obsessive fan love" drives me crazy and frankly makes me suspicious. It took me quite awhile to even read her blogs because I was just that (difficult) suspicious. It wasn't until I was knitting one day and thought "I bet Stephanie would know why that happened, " that I realized that I really liked her and thought of her and a real person and not some object of fan love. I then checked her books out of the library as I can not afford to buy them all and have a stash too. I figured she'd understand. Now that I've read (and enjoyed) them all, I've decided that there's at least one, if not two, that I must have for my Library. Ones that I'll go back to over and over again. Why? Because only one of these books has convinced me I need to knit gauge swatches. That's pretty powerful writing to convince me of that, let me tell ya. So that one at least I'll be buying. ;)

No knitting progress to report tonight. I spent my "knitting" time last night pre-drafting and then spinning. The good news is that as I was pre-drafting the "ugly burnt orange" fiber that was next on the spinning agenda, I asked the Husbeast what color he thought it was (don't know what possessed me, but thank goodness I did!) and he said....without thinking....."Copper".! YAY! Not ugly burnt pumpkin! Ironically that was the color I was going to ply with this teal/turquoise from how many weeks ago?!!! LOL!!! TOOO funny. Which means I can not be trusted in describing "pretty" colors or "true" colors. I'll have to take a consensus before posting from now on. lol I did manage to finish off the singles for the Mostly Gray Jacob last night and will hold them for plying until I have at least one other something to ply. I pre-drafted the Mostly White Jacob and the Now Fab Copper and will work on those alternately until finished and then will ply all three at once.

I still am working on the Jaywalkers (in cotton, I believe) and have decided after reading some Harlot, that the next socks I cast on will be Jaywalkers in wool and larger sock weight to see if that solves my recurrent problems. Also a HUGE shout out to Cindy who responded to my post on starting the Pomotomus socks. If you read that post you remember that I had picked a yarn for that pattern that was much smaller than the recommended but hadn't cast on because I was put off by #1) the charted pattern and #2) the fact that the yarn was smaller in diameter than suggested and that I needed to do some re figuring to make it work. Cindy pointed out in comments to "FIND ANOTHER YARN" for the project. THANK YOU CINDY! Sometimes it takes a good friend to state the obvious for me to do the right thing. You're completely right. Using the yarn I wanted to do the Pomotomus Socks is insanity in the least and really, I need to find a different pattern for that yarn, and a different yarn for that pattern. So I've shelved the idea of starting the Pomotomus socks as of this time. I'm going to find the right yarn first. (BTW Purple Pi is looking LOVELY!) As I'm a pretty monogamous knitter, this isn't a problem for me. I've got about a sock and a half before I need something else on the needles. Besides, the wheel is always an easy distraction from knitting for me. lol

Well, I'm off to try to sleep for a bit. It's late and I at least try every night, which is probably why I'm still functioning. I'm looking forward to later in the season when things in "work land" will lighten up and I'll be able to rest easier. I still take great comfort and peace in my crafts. Thank goodness I have them!! Peace to you all!

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Cindy said...

Men and women truly are cats and dogs, aren't we? Thanks for the compliment and thank you about PurplePi. She's a challenge that's for sure. Take care!!!!!